Gay Games 2014: Sponsored By Cleveland’s United Church Of Christ by Rev. Dr. J. Bennett Guess

A generation of young Americans is rejecting Christianity because they widely perceive it to be anti-gay and, as such, “shallow,” “anti-intellectual,” “insincere,” and even “hypocritical.”

That wasn’t the finding of some ultraliberal gay group, but rather the conclusion reached by conservative Christian pollsters, the Barna Group, who conducted a groundbreaking study in the mid-2000s and found “overwhelmingly negative views” of Christians by many millennials and generation Xers, tied closely to the faith’s perceived anti-gay bias.

As an openly gay clergyperson, I wasn’t all that surprised by the findings, because I straddle these two seemingly opposing worlds.

I live my life in the crossfire, and I’ve experienced the anti-gay vitriol often associated with anything and everything “church”…

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